With the arrest and subsequent charge on Zunar, freedom of speech in Malaysia has hit a new low.

Zunar is one of many who were arrested under the Sedition Act in 2014. This Act was, in our Prime Minister’s own words, supposed to be eventually abolished, but backtracked on his words after the 2013 elections.

From a art and design perspective, the content and style of the artist Zunar has caught my attention as well, as he addresses more pressing issues in the country. These issues could be more relevant to the audience I am targeting, but I would have to toe the line carefully if I were to include these issues into my exhibition.

I would be sticking my neck out here to follow in the footsteps of Zunar, but I am a mere communicator. And the message needs to be spread.

More info on the amendments to the Sedition Act here: https://www.apc.org/en/news/latest-amendments-sedition-act-pose-increasing-thr


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